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November at Zaso

Wow what a month!

November started with one of our little boys having eye surgery. It went well and with the love and support from his Zaso family he has recovered well.

With a successful 24 hour fundraiser we managed to head over to Pemba island to feed the other orphaned children under the Zaso Umbrella. Zaso staff travelled the length and breadth of Pemba visiting the most deprived and remote areas of the island delivering a months worth of food to each child. The trip highlighted how imperative it is we raise the funds to build the second floor of the orphanage to house these children. Overall we left Pemba exhausted but happy to have reached so many children.

On the 19th November our UK based member of staff Jessica arranged to take everybody from the orphange on a special day trip. The buzz in the orphanage on the lead up was electric. We all prayed for good weather as disappointing the children with a cancelled trip was simply not an option. Luckily the sun shone for us and early in the morning two busses picked up all of the staff and children and took us to Fumba where we boarded boats to Kwale island. We visited the Boabab tree and danced, then ate a huge picnic of Biryani and tropical fruits. Afterwards we took the boats to a sandy island where the children swam and played wearing the swimsuits we'd kindly been donated.

The day trip was just incredible. The benefits for the children's mental well being and the chance to get out for the day was priceless. They have spoken of nothing else since. We hope to take more of these donor funded trips in the future and will post later on how you could be involved.

The end of the month sees the end of the school year approaching. Time for the holidays and some visits to the family some of our children have left in their home villages. Please send your love and prayers to our children that they have a happy visit and that

they return to the orphanage safe and well.

Thank you for reading and your ongoing support.

As always please donate via our Go Fund Me if you're able to.

All best wishes

The Team @ ZASO

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