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The ZASO Children’s Home have been taking care of the HIV+ orphans in Zanzibar since 2019 under the umbrella of an existing NGO named Zanzibar Aids Association and Support of Orphans (ZASO) which was established in 1995 under the Zanzibar Society Act No 6 of 1995 with Registration No. 24.

As caretakers of these orphaned children our goal is to help and guide the children to live harmoniously and healthily by providing shelter, medicine, education, nutritious meals and a safe environment for them to grow and thrive. 

Unfortunately there is still a huge stigmatisation and discrimination surrounding AIDS victims in Africa so our top priority is to fuel our children with enough encouragement, stability and happiness to go out into the world with courage and pride.

ZASO Children’s home currently receives no official charitable funding and is completely   financed by donations from kind locals and tourists as well as the founder’s work as a lawyer. 

The orphanage building has the capacity to have a second floor built to house 50 more children in need however without financial help and securing extra funding to be able to feed the children this is currently an impossibility. 

If you would like to help ZASO Children’s Homes mission please do contact us. We are very grateful for any support. 

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Bringing Up Well Rounded Children

Our aim is to provide a happy and healthy upbringing for all of our children in a family type environment. We focus heavily on the importance of education giving our children freedom in their futures and all of our older children currently attend vocational courses to give them new skills. Our staff are referred to as Uncles and Aunts, Mama’s and Baba’s. The children are all siblings and take care of one another. You will also see older children helping the youngest ones with their homework or getting ready for school. Food is served family style for every meal and we build our children up with plenty of confidence to thrive in the outside world. 

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Visit Us 

Every Contribution Counts

You are very welcome to visit us during your time in Zanzibar although we have a few preferences to keep our orphanage a happy and safe environment. 
The best way to plan a trip to come and see us is to arrange it with one of our trusted friends of the orphanage. They can bring you to us, the children and staff know them well and you will be welcomed with a wonderfully organic experience for as long as you’d like. 

To arrange visit from Nungwi/Kendwa way contact friend of the orphanage Suleiman:

+255 777 000 015

To arrange visit from Matemwe/Pwani Mchangan/Kiwengwa contact friend of the orphanage Hassan: +255 778 635 520

If you’re elsewhere on the island please do go ahead and contact our friends, they will arrange trips from anywhere with enough notice. They’re also best placed to help you arrange lunch/dinner plans or shopping trips around your visit to us. If you’d like to bring food donations to our orphanage they can also help and advise you with that as well as ensuring you get the best prices. 

Visits to the orphanage will incur travel costs + $25/50,000TZS p/p donation. We believe including the donation upfront is a fair way to ensure the goodwill of our visitors and also protects our orphanage and children. 


Make a Donation

Be a Part of Real Change

It is absolutely true that giving back and being a part of ZASO CHILDREN’S HOME’s work will not only improve the lives of all our of our children but bring you a sense of unparalleled satisfaction knowing that each penny goes directly to them. We are completely non-profit, self funded and a grass roots charity. Our entire survival is based on kind donations from the public and without your help we really struggle to keep things going. We are often searching for financial aid month to month to pay our food bill. As a guide it costs about $30 a month to feed one child and we currently have 46 children. On top of that we have school transportation costs and often unexpected medical bills. Your help would mean the absolute world to these children and the best and most helpful way you can support us is by donating financially to us to keep those bills getting paid. 


Share Your Skills

Create an Impact

Our children always appreciate the generosity and involvement of people who are willing to share their time and skills to enrich their lives. If you have any skills you think the children would enjoy learning; whether they be creative or arty, dance or sports based or more practical life skills please do get in touch via our contact form to arrange your visit. 

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Want to get involved with ZASO Childrens Home or pledge to donate to us? Reach out to us on our contact for below and we will get back to you shortly.

PO BOX Fuoni Mambosa Zanzibar Tanzania 

(255) 0777467613 - (255) 0777989847 - (255) 0777704500

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